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Souji Okita x Yukimura Chizuru (3)

Title: Souji Okita x Yukimura Chizuru (You)

Part Three written by Tsukiko Mizuki


WaRNinG BefoRe ReaDinG ThiS:-

If you don’t watch the anime Hakuouki, then you won’t understand this story either so if you want to understand this romance story then you must first watch an anime called Hakuouki first or else, don’t blame me when you don’t understand this story here!

FoR ThE ReaDerS:-

Just imagine yourself as Chizuru, okay?


8 months later, you overheard a conversation between Souji and a doctor at the back of Shinsengumi Residence…

Doctor: Do you know you had tuberculosis?

Souji: Ssshhhh, lower your voice.

Doctor: I advise you to leaves Shinsengumi immediately. Go somewhere with fresh air, eat good foods and have a nice rest.

However, Souji refused to take his advice.

Souji: I want to be here, doctor… being here in Shinsengumi is my everything…

Doctor: *sigh* You are so stubborn.

Souji: Sorry, your advice does not work on me.

Then Okita notice you were there overheard their conversation.

Souji: Chizuru…

You: *gulp* (I had been discovered!!!)

Doctor: *sigh* I should take my leave then.

Souji: Thank you for coming. *smile*

Doctor: Even thought you refused on taking my advice but at the very least, take some rest.

Souji: Sure.

Then the doctor walk away and left you with Okita alone…

Souji: Chizuru… here. *pat his hand on a seat beside him*

You: *had no choice but obey his word and sit behind him*

Both of you sat together and not knowing what to say for a while suddenly, Souji break the silent…

Souji: You heard it, right?

You: *nod*

Souji: *sigh* Chizuru…

You: ?

Souji: Don’t tell anyone about it…

You: B-but-

Souji: If you did, then I will have to kill you…

You: . . . . . .

It was so sad for you to hear he say that in such a gentle expression so all you could do is nodded and promise him you will never tell anyone about it.

A week later, during at night…

Shinsengumi was under attack by their enemies. The enemies wanted to catch you in order to make their group stronger as they thought that, if your father is the Ochimizu’s maker then you as his daughter should know how to make Ochimizu. They wanted you to make Ochimizu for them to make them stronger instead for Shinsengumi.

However they had got wrong, the reason you in Shinsengumi were to find your father. The enemies did not listen to any explanation but still wanted to fight with the intention of catching you.

During the fight, Kondou was defending you and called someone to bring you to take you somewhere safe. Then you were been brought to Souji’s room.

You: Wa-wait.. this is Okita-san-

Kondou’s Men: Just go in already!!! *push you into Okita’s room*

You: Wha-whoa..!!!

Then you accidentally bump into someone and fall.

When you open your eyes, you found yourself landed on top of Souji.

You: *gulp* (Oh my god… he must be mad now…!!!)

Souji: Seriously… this is too open for you to crush into my room like this. Is it comfortable lying on top of me? *smile*

You: *quickly get away from Souji* I’m sorry!!!! I’m sorry!!! *keep apologizing*

Souji: Geez, that’s hurt if you keep apologizing me like that…

You: *keep bowing* I’M SORRY!!!!

Souji: See? Again… am I that mean?

You: N-no…

Then suddenly, someone slam open Souji’s door. Tone of men with bloodshed on their body went into Souji’s room.

Men 4: That is the girl!!! *pointing at you*

You: *gulp* (Oh no… they even found their way here…!!!) *frighten*

Souji: *suddenly dash in front of you and took out his sword* I’m impress that you can make your way until here.


Souji: Ask my sword first. *smirk*

Then sound of clashing sword all around in the room. You were terrified as you saw blood shade all around the room now…

Souji: *strike 2 men with his sword* Heh, weakling. *looks at the others* Hmm… 5 more left…

Men 1: *grab his sword and dash toward Souji*

Souji: Heh, silly- *suddenly stop his word and his sword laid back a bit*


Souji: UGHHH!!! *blood coming out from his left arm*


Men 1: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! SERVE YOU RIGHT!!!! *keep slashing on Souji*

Souji: *try to defend while coughing hardly as his illness to get wild again*

You: *broke to tear* (No… I must do something…I must…!!!!)

Then suddenly without knowing, the others men starting want to catch you from behind. Souji notice their move.

Men 3: CHANCE TO CATCH!!! *jump over you*

You: (N-no!!!!!) *frighten until trembling*

Souji: *want to protect you from Men 3 but he was badly hurt*

So without any choice, Souji immediately took out a bottle with a red liquid inside which seems like blood. He drinks that bottle of liquid (Ochimizu) and turn into a Rasetsu.

The Ochimizu allow he to gain incredible strength and fast recovery from physical wounds. The drug was created by the your father and Souji was offered it by the your twin brother whose named is Kaoru.

Souji: *immediately slash Men 3 before he got you*

Men 3: AHHHHHHHH!!!! *shout in pain*

You: (The white hair…. Means… he had drink….ochimizu…!!!) *tears flow while trembling in fright*

Souji: *slash the entire enemy in the room now in an incredible speed*

You: *gulp* (Oh no…. Okita-san is going berserk due to his lust of blood…!!!!)

Souji: *keep killing while smirking*

You: *tears flow* (It was my fault…that he become Rasetsu…)

Now all the men had been finish killing by Souji. More men came in…

Men: Huh, you quite good… but this is not the END YET!!!! *dash toward Souji*

Souji: *smirk* That’s what I want!!!

Then Souji continued killing all the men inside the room.

 You can’t hold looking at the blood shade all around the room, death body laying around the floor, Souji who had gone berserk in order to protect you…

You: *still trembling with fright* (N-no… I must do something…!!! I MUST!!!)

Then there is one more men left in the room. Souji was now on his way want to kill that only men but then you suddenly ran and hugged from his back.

Souji: Fo-fool…!!!

You: ENOUGH!!! PLEASE STOP IT NOW!!! I CAN’T HOLD TO SEE IT ANYMORE!!! *tears flow while hugging him with your trembling hands*

After Souji hearing your words, his hair slowly turn to his original brown color… you felt relieve that he finally back to normal but the only one men started to jump and want to slash Souji. But before the men able to slash Souji, Souji give him a fast strike which had cause the men fall and died on the floor.

Finally the fight had end…

Souji: *cough hardly*

You: OKITA-SAN!!! *rush behind him*

Souji: Fo-fool… don’t do… like…that…next…time…. *then fall unconscious*

You: *quickly grab Souji* OKITA-SAN!!!! HANG ON THERE, OKITA-SAN!!!!

Then Saitou came to the room with a shock reaction on his face.

Saitou: Wha-

You: Hajime-san!!! Quickly bring him to a safest place first!!!! *broke into tears*

Saitou gave no reply but nodded. He carried Souji with his shoulder while you run along with behind Saitou to the safest place.

Souji Okita x Yukimura Chizuru (2)

Title: Souji Okita x Yukimura Chizuru (You)

Part Two written by Tsukiko Mizuki


WaRNinG BefoRe ReaDinG ThiS:-

If you don’t watch the anime Hakuouki, then you won’t understand this story either so if you want to understand this romance story then you must first watch an anime called Hakuouki first or else, don’t blame me when you don’t understand this story here!

FoR ThE ReaDerS:-

Just imagine yourself as Chizuru, okay?


A few month later…

You: OKITA-SAN!!!! *panic in fright*

Okita was now deeply hurt in order to protect you from Chikage Kazama who want to capture you right in this minute.

Chikage: *smirk* You won’t defeat me in this way, Okita…

Okita: *cough and blood spill out from his mouth*

You: OKITA-SAN!!!! *quickly rush behind Okita*

Okita: *push you away* Idiot, don’t come near me… *cough*

You: *still wanting to be behind Okita* Okita-san!!!

Okita: *cough cough*


Chikage: *dash toward you*

Okita: *quickly pull you to his back and pointed his sword to Chikage*


Chikage: *stop suddenly* Heh, why you protect her?

Okita: *breath hardly* huff…I would … be…appreciate… if you lea-…leaves…her alone…huff…

Chikage: *smirk* As if.

Okita: huff...don't forget... i'm...still your...op-opponent... huff

Chikage: With your condition right now? *smirk*

Okita: *breath hardly while still coughing*

You: (Oh no!!! Okita-san coughing more blood!!! I can’t let this fight keep going on!)

Chikage: *glare at Okita* You can’t even protect yourself now… and you still want to protect her?

Okita: Mind your…own…business… *glare at Chikage*

Then without knowing, your body suddenly rush to the front of Okita and face in front of Chikage.

Okita: Fo-fool… don’t…!!! *cough*

Chikage: Hmm? You want to fight me?

You: No, I don’t.

Chikage: Then you agreed to follow me? *smirk*

You: No, of course not.

Chikage: Then? *point his sword in front of you and near to your neck* What do you want?

You: Okita-san was in no condition to fight with you now so please stop the fight.

Chikage: Heh, I like your tone. You seem brave enough to talk to me like this. You not afraid of my sword?

You: If I said no, then it would be a lie however I can’t let Okita-san keep fighting with you here.

Okita: (Chi-Chizuru…) *coughing until lay on the floor now*

You: *shock* OKITA-SAN!!! *quickly rush behind Okita*

Chikage: Heh, very well then…. *keep his sword back* I challenge you again when we meet next time, today you are lucky because of this girl or else your life will fly in this night.

You: *hugged Okita while still a bit afraid of Chikage*

Chikage: *smirk* So long then, Okita Souji. *run out from the place*

You: *relieve that Chikage had gone*

Okita: *cough even harder*


Then Saitou came and help you out by carried him back to the headquarter.

At the headquarter, you had to keep your position stay beside him due to his scars and illness. Okita breath hardly during when he sleep. You are worried while thinking a way to make him feel better. So you went into the kitchen and cook him a herb soup.

During cooking, you notice your chest felt hurt.

You: (Weird… why did it felt like this? Okita was the one in pain…but why was your chest felt so hurt?)

In the kitchen, you kept thinking this things. After 15 minute, the soup had ready. You brought the soup to Okita’s room. When you went into his room, he had already awake while laying on his futon.

Okita: *huff huff* Chi-chizuru…

You: I had brought you some soup… *bring the soup to him*

Okita: *sat up* Thank you… *took the bowl of soup and drink it in one gulp*

After drinking the soup, Okita had getting easier on breathing than before. You felt relieve that the soup was work.

You: I’m sorry that I get in your way just now…

Okita: . . . . .

You: Do forgive me on my rudeness earlier. *bow to him on the floor*

Okita: *turn away* I might have killed you earlier just now because you keep getting in my way…

You: *gulp* *still bowing*

Okita: But…

You: ? *raise your head a lil*

Okita: If it is not for you, I might not stay in this bed and drink the soup you had made just now… *turn back to you with a gentle smile*

You: Oki..ta..-san…

Okita: So there’s really no need for you to say sorry, don’t blame yourself, Chizuru-chan…

You: *smile* Thank you…

Okita: *yawn* I’m tired on protecting you today. Now I want to get some sleep.

You: Oh okay. Good night. *bow to Okita*

Okita: There’s no need to be that formal, you know? *laugh*

You: Ah, sorry…

Okita: *laugh* All right now, time to have a peaceful sleep.

You: Yes… *smile*

Then Okita immediately fallen asleep. He must have felt very tired today from the fight.

After that you silently walk out from his room and close the door.

Souji Okita x Yukimura Chizuru (1)

Title: Souji Okita x Yukimura Chizuru (You)

Part One written by Tsukiko Mizuki


WaRNinG BefoRe ReaDinG ThiS:-

If you don’t watch the anime Hakuouki, then you won’t understand this story either so if you want to understand this romance story then you must first watch an anime called Hakuouki first or else, don’t blame me when you don’t understand this story here! =P

FoR ThE ReaDerS:-

Imagine yourself is Chizuru, okay? Or else, you won’t felt it nor understand it!


Drunk men: Hey beauty! Pour more drinks here!!!

You: Ah yes, sir.

You quickly went beside the drunken men and pour some wine for him. You don’t like this kind of job as a geisha but you have to in order to get more information for Shinsengumi. So all you can do was bear for it.

Suddenly the drunken men grab your shoulder.

Drunk men: Come on here, show me more of your beauty.

You: *struggle* Excuse me, sir. You’re drunk.

Drunk men: Huh? Is that how a Geisha should act?

You: *gulp*

Drunk men: *smirk* Come on, isn’t this your job? To make us more comfortable? Hmm? *lean even nearer to your face*

You: *tried to step back* Si-Sir…

Drunk men: Aww, come on. Don’t be shy. *want to strip off your kimono*

You: *close your eyes* Wa-wait…

Then suddenly someone grabbed the drunk men’s shoulder and punched him to the outside.

Someone: You had done well, Chizuru…

You: *open your eyes* Ah…

The drunk men who were been punched to outside had now been caught by the Shinsengumi’s men.

Men (1): We’ll be taking him to Hijikata-san.

Someone: Oh, that would be a great help. Thank you. *smile*

Men (2): We better go now or else more people will come.

Someone: All right. You all go first.

Men: Yes sir.

Then all the men went away back to their headquarter.

Someone: We both should go too. You had done your job here.

You: Um… Okita-san…

Okita: *smile* Come on, let’s go now. *grab your hand and drag you out quickly and rush to the headquarter*

At the headquarter, Hijikata asked you to be a geisha once again for the next day to gather more information. You couldn’t be help but agree on his order.

The next day had finally come. You wore your beautiful kimono as a geisha. Sitting beside the drunken human who said all the cursing word against Shinsengumi.

Drunk men: Hey the lady over there!!! Pour more wine here!!!

You: Ah yes… *pour the wine again to the drunk men*

Drunk men: *took the cup of wine* Shinsengumi are the asshole who only knows how to run around the city!!! They did nothing but just playing!!!

You: Ah yes… *fake smile* (You bastard, how dare you speak Shinsengumi like that!!!) So how are you going to take care of this asshole, sir? *fake smile while keep pouring more wine to the drunk men*

Drunk men: We can take them down anytime that we want! They are just a weakling anyway!!! *laugh while grab your shoulder happily*

You: Ahahahaha… *fake laugh* (Grrrr, just how long I should act…???)

Then without knowing, Okita who were out of his range came and strike hit the table.

Drunk men: Ah!!! You!!!

Okita: *smirk*

Drunk men: Y-you’re Okita from the Shinsengumi!!! I will avenge for what you had did to my brother yesterday!!! *took out his sword*

Everyone: KYYAAA!!! *quickly run out*

You: *panic* (Oh no…)

Drunk men: HIYEAAKKKK!!! *start fight with Okita*

Okita: *fight with the drunker*

You: (oh no… what should I do…?)

Then the drunk men had noticed his chance to catch you so he dash toward you.

Okita just noticed drunk men tying to go toward you so he immediately dash to your front and strike the drunk men.

You: *frozen with fright*

Okita: No worry, Chizuru. Just stay behind me.

You: Hmm… *trembling while gaze at Okita*


Drunk men: *stood up with his scar on his stomach* Damn you…

Okita: *smirk* Chizuru… close your eyes…

You had no choice but to obey Okita’s words and close your eyes…

Drunk men: YIEAKKKKKKK!!!!! *dash to Okita*

Okita: *smirk* Heh, the foolish one.

Then a quick strike like a wind immediately strike to the drunk men. The drunk men gave a shouting pain as his last word and died on the floor.

Okita: *turn to you*

You: *still trembling with fright*

Okita: *sigh then hugged you in bridal and take you out from the place* I’m sorry for involving you into this…

You shook your head and wanting to tell him that you are sorry for being useless in the fight but you can’t say it as you are still in the frightening condition. Okita just sigh and immediately rush to the headquarter while carried you in bridal way.

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